Zahara: The Return (fantasy series, Amazon Prime Video)  

The story explores the history of slavery and racism, and the tensions between a white supernatural world and a supernatural world of colour as an ancient black druid rekindles her forbidden love with the son of her former master.   Winner IPF Pitch Pit, and nominated for best low budget series at TO Webfest.  

Good Witch season 6 (fantasy, Hallmark/Netflix) - directed second unit 

"Good Witch" takes viewers on a magical journey with Cassie Nightingale and her daughter Grace.  When Dr. Sam Radford moves in next door to Grey House with his son, they are charmed by the 'magical' mother-daughter duo.  

H.E.N.R.I. (sci-fi) 

After the tragic loss of his father, 7-year-old Simon turns to his home Artificial Intelligence communicator to seek answers, while his mother Mary-Anne and twin sister Simone try to readjust to their new reality. 

The Marijuana Conspiracy (drama) - directed second unit & guest directed a scene for main unit 

In 1972, young women looking for a fresh start in life endure isolated captivity in a 98-day human experiment studying the effects of marijuana on females.  Based on a true story.  


Finding Harold (drama)  

An aging actor is grateful to be cast in a theatrical production, but he feels lost and unwanted among his college-aged castmates.

Lawyer Lady (drama)   

After a crushing defeat at work, a hotshot lawyer finds the courage to tell her husband about her true desires.

Muted (drama)

Empathetic roommates argue over the best way to support their best friend, who is a traumatised survivor of gun violence.

The Farm: Homecoming (drama)

A tragic event forces a young man to come home, but things don't seem normal on the family farm.


See You Tomorrow (drama) 

Two macho cops, secretly haunted by PTSD, find deeper camaraderie in the aftermath of a case that pushed them both to the brink.

So What Now?   (drama)  

After yet another failed attempt to conceive, a young couple must revisit their definition of family.

Forever Alone (comedy)

A happy singleton attends a friend's party, unaware that the party is a ruse to get her to couple up.

Journey Back to Jackson Park (documentary) Special screening at Ontario Black History Society Emancipation Day Celebrations.  Official Selection at Toronto Black Film Festival.  

Not many people know that slavery existed in Canada. Journey Back to Jackson Park documents this legacy, with the massive Emancipation Day celebrations that took place in Windsor, Ontario - a.k.a. The Greatest Freedom Show on Earth.  In its heydey, the event drew up to 2 million people from Canada and the United States, including civil rights leaders like Martin Luther King, and musical acts that included The Supremes, The Temptations, and many others.


Heart  (drama)   

Zoe's father has just passed away, and a visit from his home nurse Deanna may give insight to a side of him Zoe never knew.

The Shirt (comedy) - Kino T.O.  

Lifelong buddies test the limits of their friendship over a common interest in a girl.

Bounty (sci-fi,mystery) - ACTRA YEAA weekend challenge 

Mysterious disappearances occur at an office building.  An homage to classic sci-fi B-movies. 

And the Winner Is... (drama)  - winner, ACTRA 24 hour film challenge 

A fourth-grader doubts her dreams of becoming a scientist when her recent academic achievements are called into question by a sore loser.


Open Source 2.2 (experimental/drama) - created as part of Ed Video Media Arts Centre open source collaboration  

A woman remembers her childhood, and the first close bond she had with another human being.


Sal's Auto (drama) - Atlanta Terminus Festival + Conference Best Narrative Short Nomination; Toronto Black Film Festival 

A veteran mechanic hires a quiet young man, only to discover a secret that forces her to choose between forgiveness and pride.

Spies!  (comedy) 

Two bumbling spies race against the clock to dispose of their corrupt boss's files.

Hey Dad (drama)  

An estranged son reaches out to his dad for Father's Day.

Lobster Date (comedy) 

A lobster phobic guy tries to impress a girl who loves seafood.



Yes I Canada (comedy)   Hamilton Film Festival 

An enthusiastic candidate pleads his case with immigration.

The Silver Angel (drama)  WorldFest Houston Silver Remi Award

A bah-humbug fiance must venture into a Christmas shop to pick up a package for his mother.

Long Long Ago (fantasy)

On a dreamlike journey through time, a young girl meets three bereaved strangers who help her re-discover joy after the loss of her beloved horse. 


Cowboy Church (western documentary) 

Cowboy polo and Sunday preachin' at a cowboy church in Texas.

A Director's Journey: Hurricane McLean (documentary) 

Canada's answer to motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel talks about his journey from stunts to directing A-list talent. 

Do What You Love (music) 

Bluegrass band Bost Family Traditions takes a walk in Texas countryside.  

The Snowman: Redux (drama) 

A crusty old man's heart is melted by a chance encounter with a little girl.


Horse for Sale (drama)

A mysterious letter spurs a young girl to sabotage the sale of her sister's prize stallion.

Atlantic Right Side Up: Perceptual Adaptation (experimental)

Perceptual adaptation study as video art, inspired by scientific research of psychologist George Malcolm Stratton (1865 - 1957).


Dust Bunnies (live action/animation, short) 

Love conquers all... but will it conquer dust bunnies?

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